Selected Writing

My writing has been followed or referenced by BBC News, NPR, the Guardian, Slate, Gawker, Jezebel, Salon, Cosmopolitan, the New York Daily News, the Daily Cal, the Daily Mail, Daily Kos, RealClearPolitics,,, Bloomberg, and others.

"R" for reported & "A" for analysis. Take that as a rough guide; some reported pieces have a point of view & some analysis pieces are reported.


R: Peter Thiel is Almost Definitely Behind This Mysterious 'Heterodox Science' Course (Broke in The Verge. Follow story here)

R: Harassment Case Stresses UC's Shortcomings (Broke in the San Francisco Chronicle, online and in print on the front page. Radio interview here. Follow story here)


R: These Women Are Leading the Sex Ed Revolution Online (Girlboss)

R: James Rickman Leads Playboy In the #MeToo Era (California Magazine)

R: The Sharp Relief of Feminist Satire (Girlboss)

R: Can Cities Save Our Reproductive Rights From The Grabby Hands of Donald Trump? (The Nation)

A: For Sexual Assault Survivors, the Kavanaugh Confirmation is a Hell Made of Ice, Not Fire (Los Angeles Times)

A: In The Tech Industry, Sexism Is in The Water (Los Angeles Times)

A: Turning the Mirror Back on Donald Trump (Los Angeles Times)

A: One Group is Responsible For America’s Culture of Violence, and it Isn’t Cops, Black Americans, Muslims, or Rednecks. It’s Men (Los Angeles Times)


R: How Recreational Marijuana in California Left Chemists in the Dark (The Verge)

R: Rewiring the Democratic Brain With George Lakoff (San Francisco Magazine)

R: In Reno, Lots of "Real" Americans Are Mad As Hell at Donald Trump Too (Los Angeles Times)

A: Five lessons from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s visit to L.A. (Los Angeles Times)

A: Democrats Are Doubling Down on The Same Vanilla Centrism That Helped Give Us President Trump (Los Angeles Times)

A: What Natural Disaster Can Teach Us (Los Angeles Times)

A: Call Me a Coddled Snowflake, But Trump's Fetish for Nukes Is Infinitely More Terrifying Than His Other Outrages (Los Angeles Times)

A: Forget Melania Trump. The Republican Party Platform Is the Circus We Need To Watch (Los Angeles Times)

Pop culture & Hollywood

R: How #MeToo Is Actually Changing Hollywood (InStyle)

R: For Hollywood Women, the Most Exclusive Invite of the Year Isn’t an Awards Show (InStyle)

R: Kathryn Hahn Explains Why Midterm Elections Matter (InStyle)

A: The Biggest Sin on ‘The Bachelor’ Isn’t the Age Difference (The Lily // The Washington Post)

A: Dear Media: When You Cover Death by Suicide, Do It Thoughtfully (Los Angeles Times)

A: White People, Be Like Ed Skrein. Stop Apologizing For a Lack of Diversity and Do Something About It (Los Angeles Times)


Trulia, Love of My Lives (Architectural Digest)

The Summer of Lana Del Rey (The Rumpus)

ENOUGH: That Too is an Ordinary Story (The Rumpus)


R: The Rumpus Mini-Interview with Susan Orlean (The Rumpus)

R: Building the Muscle: A Conversation with Kristi Coulter (The Rumpus)

R: Joanna Coles Wants You To Make Your Life Bigger—& Stop Chasing Balance (Girlboss)

R: The Generalist: An Interview with Author Robert Sullivan (BKLYNR) 

R: Mars on Mars: An Interview with Artist Stella Maria Baer (The Morning News)


R: How Do You Accidentally End up Running a Pet Cemetery? (Atlas Obscura)

R: Hey, Nonprofit Offices. 1985 Called and It Wants Its Taupe Walls Back (BRIGHT)

R: Why We Were Addicted to Our Tamagotchis (VICE)

R: The Evolving Obituary (Pacific Standard)

A: Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Any Generation in 60 Years. Here’s Why It Matters (Los Angeles Times)

A: Forget Everything that Means Nothing, and Other New Year’s Resolutions (Los Angeles Times)

A: Bono, Pass the Mic (BRIGHT)